Tuesday, September 14


This is a new woodcut I started late August. It's continuing the theme that started in Boot-Camp. These glorious fighters are so much fun. They're these midget wrestlers with over-sized bat heads and they all represent themselves with glorious objects. This one represents himself with beautiful roses. The last one I made represented himself with a glorious ribbon.

While I'm cutting this new one, I get ideas for the next ones. I'm going to have lots of ideas by the time I'm done with this. My goal is to get this done by the end of this month. Cutting the roses have been the most time consuming part, but you have to go slow to make good cuts. I'm shooting for a rose a day.

This series is still in its baby stage so I haven't decided whether this needs a big narrative overall or sticking to these related, individual narratives. What I can say at this moment is: this is fun.

Friday, September 10

Summer of Stuff

The sunshine gently warms rather than bakes, the cicadas calls fall silent, I burrito myself in a fleece blanket at night to leave the windows open.
Summer is transforming to fall and I'd have to say this has been a great summer. The alure of the outdoors and the hours logged at work have not kept me away from making stuff.
I started the summer running the trails of Nelson Lake. I saw turtles, snake frogs, the many birds and their camera ready watchers. Half the time I was running to get away from the mosquitos than for exercise. I saw a lot of dead animal stuff too. So of course I began running with my camera pausing at dried up frogs and eviscerated weasles. Each day I came back, they were a little more decomposed.
Submitted this one for the Reboot Exchange organized over Facebook. Got some pretty interesting stuff back. I'm excited about future exchanges such as the Flash Gordon exchange and Hate Breeder exchange.
Also this summer, Tessa and I went to Tom Huck's Woodcut Bootcamp. Some peeps had me worried that Huck was going to be a hard ass, but they were so wrong. Camp was a ton of fun!! Met awesome people, funny pranks, plenty o' beer (Evil Prints is sponsored by PBR) and a hose down. We campers were a group of 13 or so and surprisingly, there was no drama, we all got along.
Official: I'm a graduated Boot Camper!!
Also visited Aunt BJ and Wende in Brooklyn this summer with Mom and Kelly. We had a great time and visited MoMA and a bunch of galleries in Chelsea. I hope to go back before the end of the year. I also want to visit my cousin in San Diego. It would be nice to coordinate this with visit to my boyfriend's sister in San Francisco.
Speaking of San Francisco, I recently gave them a couple prints for the Papergirl event. Any art that can be rolled up is accepted and handed out to random people. How awesome is that?! Thanks, Jane for letting me know about that! I jammed that roll so full art that I wrote unpacking directions on the side of the tube.