Thursday, October 28

C'est fini

Fighter of Glorious Roses
22 x 30"

My second Fighter of the series is finished. I started this in September and finally had the time to print it! Turned out pretty good, I'd say. While printing it, I received some good feedback and it will be put to good use on the third Fighter print. I'm not sure how many of these Fighters I will make. 

I have a bunch of ideas; however, they will be put on hold while I work thing with actual due dates. I've signed up for a bunch of print exchanges. One of them I just printed Tuesday. It's for the group, Printmaker's Unite! Ezerd has organized an exchange based on the theme of Love.

Since that's finished, I can focus on the next exchange. It's going to be tight because the due date is early December. This exchange, organized by Gene Marsh and Dumbkat Press, is based on the 1980's cult classic B-movie, Flash Gordon. I admit, I never saw Flash Gordon movie. I have however, seen the 1930's tv show. I have a soft spot of B-movies...and quickly ordered and watched the movie. Oh, it's hard trying to figure out what exactly I should do.
I've been watching and thinking and watching some more. I'm getting my block ready too. Just got a router to prepare a suicide block for this exchange. I need to figure this out fast! Did I mention I have Queen's Flash Gordon anthem seriously stuck in my head, especially in stressful times as if I'm saving the universe. That's right, one print at a time...

My Art House Co-op sketchbook is coming along, slowly but surely. I'm sticking to ball point pen drawings primarily. I'm not sure how much effort to really put into these drawings. I feel that super polished drawings defeat the purpose of a sketchbook. Sketchbooks represent, to me, a working idea that can be used to create a well-thought out piece. Though I am putting more effort into these drawings than those I put in my real sketchbooks. My real sketchbook drawings are beyond awful and look more like half hearted doodles. I probably put more effort into doodles in the margins of notebooks of non-art classes. Haha

I am also keeping busy at an internship at Water Street Studios. Been doing some bookkeeping, working during gallery hours, helped set up a wedding in the gallery floor and these past couple days, setting up the classroom areas for a Halloween party. Everyone there is nice and the gallery space is beautiful.

I'm very glad to be keeping busy with my art and related work. That's reminds me, I signed up for two weeks at Frogman's Print Workshop. I am very excited because I know I'm going to learn a ton of things, meet awesome people and I hear a ton of great things about it. Frogman's is having their 30th anniversary in 2011, not quite sure what will entail, but like I said, I'm excited.

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flux biota. said...

that print is gorgeous.