Monday, February 21

On the Road Again

My my it's been a while since I've posted. Sorry! I've actually been travellin'.
First was skiing Rib Mountain, WI where it was -2 every morning, my Dad, sister and I skiied rocks and my fingers and toes fought for warmth. Kelly wore the Cthulhu hat I crocheted for her on the hill.

Then I visited my Aunties in NYC! Ah there was so much that was had. The Robbie Burns party with the single malt whisky tasting and a super cool bag piper. It was only missing the Haggis! Went to the BAM Theatre, saw Nixon in China opening night at the Met, went to the ICP, Whitney and Guggenheim museums, looked at Pratt's printshop, checked out the Lower East Side Printshop, countless art galleries in Chelsea, the awesome Tenament Museum, purposely got lost in Manhattan and oh so much more. I was there a full week!

Just last week, I returned from skiing Jackson Hole, WY. It was very much the opposite of the experience at Rib Mountain. It was like spring skiing it was so warm!

TAG!!! Stuck this one on the Apres Vous lift! It went on so perfect and sneaky. Muwahahaha! Skiing Jackson Hole was great! The runs were challenging and I enjoyed them very much. You could say it was a very steep learning curve. Haha, get it? Mom came on this trip and got to snowmobile though Yellowstone Nat'l Park. How awesome is that?! This trip was also a chance to hang out with my nyc Aunties! Hope they didn't get sick of me :-p

Now I'm home. Now I'm getting back into the swing of things. Busting out a new woodcut for an upcoming exchange!
I tried something a little different with the image on this block. After watching a video of Bill Fick make one of his amazing linocuts, I was inspired to try painting on the image on rather than drawing solely with sharpie. I do like the more organic feel of the lines.
That's all for now! Promise I'll update again real soon :-)

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flux biota. said...

busy girl.

go with those painted lines, they're looking so fine.