Tuesday, February 22

A Pattern to Make H.P. Lovecraft Proud

Cthulhu hat! A pattern to make H.P. Lovecraft proud

I created this hat for my sister to accompany her Cthulhu themed xmas gifts! It’s a combo of a beardhead crochet pattern and a cthulhu amigurumi pattern.


J or K hook
Gauge: not a stickler for gauge as long as it fits your head, you’re good! Bigger head? Add more stitches! Etc. This hat doesn’t fit tight like a beanie.
Yarn: Loops & Threads Country Loom Super Bulky, the color I used is called Solarium but whatever Cthulhuy color you want is cool. Why not pink?
This pattern uses a lot of yarn. I needed a little over a skein to complete this project.

Ch2 does not count as a stitch.

Step One, Starting Hat:

Chain 3
Rnd 1: 12dc in second ch from hook, join with sl st to first dc made, ch2
Rnd 2: 2dc in each st around, sl st to first dc made, ch2 (24dc)
Rnd 3: *1dc in first st, 2dc in next st*, repeat, sl st to first dc made, ch2 (36dc)
Rnd 4: *1dc in first 2 sts, 2dc in next st*, repeat, sl st to first dc made, ch2 (48dc)
Rnd 5: *1dc in first 3 sts, 2 dc in next st*, repeat, sl st to first dc made, ch2 (60 dc)
Rnds 6-9: dc in each st around, sl st to first dc made, ch2
Rnd 10: Hdc in each st around, join with sl st to first hdc made, ch3

Step Two, Back of the Hat:

Rnd 11: Dc in next 39 sts, ch3, turn (40dc)
Rnds 12 & 13: Dc in each st across, ch3, turn (40dc)
Ch6 then sl st into top of ch3 on the opposite side, finish off.

With the hat facing you, you will have the 6ch connecting the hat.
Make sure this strap connecting the ends fits comfortably across your face. Your nose should poke over the strap with the strap resting over your upper lip. Adjust as desired. We will be pinching the sides over the temples which will pull the mask over your nose.

Step Three, Making the Tentacles!

Rnd 14: Starting on the right side (hat facing you, upside-down) join with a sl st to the 10th st to the right of the ch6 strap, ch2 (remember, this one doesn’t count as first hdc), hdc in next 9 sts, hdc in the 6 chs, hdc in next 9 sts, ch2, turn.

Special Stitch, Tentacle Coil:

Chain 12 (or desired length of tentacle), 3 sc in third ch sp from hook, 3 sc en each of next 9 spaces

Rnd 15: Hdc in first 6 sts, *Tentacle Coil, 2 hdc,* repeat until 6 remaining ch sps, hdc in those remaining ch sps

The hat I made has 8 tentacles, but you can add as many tentacles as you deem fit for your hat! I did just one row of tentacles but you can always do multiple rows for greater Cthulhu effect.

I also added a shield of sorts to protect the mouth and nose where the wind may blow between the tentacle coils. That is as follows:
Rnd 16: Hdc in each st across, ch2, turn
Rnd 17-19: Hdc2tog, hdc in each st, hdc2tog in last two sts, ch2, turn
Rnd 20: *Hdc2tog, hdc in next two sts,* repeat to end of row, ch2, turn
Rnd 21: *Hdc2tog, hdc,* repeat to end of row, ch1, turn
Rnd 22: Sc across row and continue working in edge sc in each st around bottom of hat.
Finish, Weave loose ends.

Step Four: Making the Temple Ridges

This cinches the opening in the hat to cover your nose and only expose the eyes. It also has a more menacing look!

With the hat on, slip the bottom of the face opening over your nose and pinch the fabric near your temples. Mark the start and end of each ridge with a stitch marker or paperclip. Remove the hat from your face and sew the ridge into shape. The ridge gets gradually larger as it approaches the face. Weave in loose threads.

Step Five: Making the Wings

Ch 4, turn
1 Sc in each 3 ch sps, ch1, turn
3 Sc, ch 4, turn
3 Sc on chain, 3 hdc on three 3sc from previous row, ch1, turn
4 Sc, ch 5, turn, 4 sc in chain, 4 hdc
4 Sc, ch 6, turn, 5 sc in chain, 4hdc
Ch 3, work approx. 8 dc along top edge of the wing
Sl st into first ch or near first ch
Fasten off, leaving a long tail for sewing

Put on the hat again. Using a mirror or an awesome friend, mark where you’d like the wings to attach to the back of the hat. I attached mine between the 5th and 6th rnd.
Sew the wings onto the hat, weave loose ends.

You’re done! Now you can spread your Cthulhu rampage everywhere you go and stay warm to boot.


flux biota. said...

spaghetti face!

The Sun and the Turtle said...

Im gonna try to make this one for me gurl. So I don't have to see her face! Lol j/k

Ramile said...

Would it look good if it's made with worsted weight yarn? I can't find super bulky in my country :(

Ali Scalf said...

Hi there, I'm following this pattern to make this hat for my fiance (he LOVES Lovecraft) But I get really lost and confused at Rnd 14. Is there any way you can help me?

Caya said...

I'm now to the tentacules and i do not understand how you fix these... I want to make at least two rows of snaky things,but do i sew them? Do i add them while crochetting?
Thanks if you can restart my brain...
Also, why do you start with a chain of 3? Why not two, like the magicien circle? It leave a hole at the beginning, wich is not so pretty, but reparable...
Thanks for your pattern, it's awsome!