Thursday, March 24

Class Prep

Getting the materials ready for my printmaking class.
I just built this inking slab!
I plan on stapling some non-slip material onto the back of this board. Also, I learned yesterday that scrap wood is free at hardware stores. There was a pile of these 17 x 22" plywood boards. I should go back and grab a few more for some rough woodcuts.

EDIT: I went back to the hardware store for more of that scrap wood and apparently it wasn't scrap. They chopped these boards to build signs in the store. Also, scrap wood is sold at an 85% discount and the cashier yesterday didn't feel like charging me. I guess yesterday was just lucky.
And a few days ago, I made double pointed knitting needles with bamboo chopsticks!
It's quite easy if you have a woodcarving knife. I coated them in shellac when I finished carving to prevent yarn snags. Next thing I need is a project to try them out. I'm guessing the chopsticks make 3-gauge needles.

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