Friday, April 8

Gettin' My Teach On!!

Ah, first week of my first time teaching is done. It went from good to even better.
The class is a four week Relief Printmaking class that meets on Tuesday and Thursday evenings for an hour and a half.
The first day of class, I was so nervous. It put me into some kind of energy high, bouncing everywhere.
The second day, no nervousness here. I was in something of a zen mode. Maybe it was because we were printing. That's when the magic happens.

I'll probably talk about my students like parents talk of their kids: All the time and always so proud of 'em. They really get into their work and want to make good prints. We don't even realize how quickly the hour and a half passes. I casually check the clock and see that class is technically over, but I invite my students to stay late if they wish.

Yesterday, during my printing demo, I showed them the nice paper they use to pull final prints. One asked how much a sheet cost, and I explained it was about $3.30 for a 16 x 20" sheet. I saw jaws drop. So none of them wanted to print their first blocks on the Kitakata paper until they made something they felt was worth it. I thought they had stuff worthy of nice paper.

I'm excited to see what their creativity endeavors them to do. I promise to take pics! I brought my camera last night but totally forgot to snap photos. Oh well, I have 6 more next-times before this class is up.


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CassieMarie said...

Congrats on completing your first week of teaching!! Soon you will find yourself telling lame jokes. hahah.

Tessa said...

Way to rock it, Kim! Durer would be proud.